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Mr Big VS Richard Marx

All I need to say is, finally!

Haha.. I've been looking for these for weeks. Not sure why but I think I was having a 1990s flashback or something.


Got my free flyers today. Stoked.

I'm getting a free mountain bike next week. Pretty stoked.

I'll be meeting up with some old mates when I go home in June. Also pretty stoked.

Mum visits in 2 weeks. Amazingly stoked.

You can say things are pretty good at the moment.

Free shit is always the best shit!

Duane is definitely my number one favorite person right now.
A 500 flyer run for FREE!!!!!

Happy School

Last week I went to a benefit show for Happy School. Basically, the school provides children who are less fortunate as us to learn & grow in a safe environment. This got me thinking; how can I donate to this school through my work?

I have a few options. They being;
1. Selected prints that I sell online
2. Create a t-shirt that says something like "I support Happy School. Do you?" (I will have my name there as I am not a legal ambassador for Happy School but merely a donator)
3. Set up some kind of stall at shows that sells my work

All profits obviously goes to the school.

It is my mission this week to contact the founders of Happy School & run the idea with them first. I'm sure they will be all for it!


I'm officially an aunty.

Welcome Ethan Brian to the world.
7.12 pounds.
Born at 2pm.

Can't be happier right now!

Photos soon...

Art for sale

It annoys me when full-time artists (I will generalize here for all photographers, painters, drawers, whoever) decide that they do not want to profit from their work. Fair enough we all do it for the passion of our business but where do we draw the line?

Me personally, I want to profit from my images. This is my career. This is how I live. How I pay my bills. How I feed my family. I want people to enjoy my work & buy a piece to hang in their lounge rooms. I want to sell as much as I can so I can put it back into my images. This includes camera equipment, lighting, props, costumes, traveling. There is a fine line between hobby photography and actually working for something. If I wanted to give my images away for free, I wouldn't be doing this as a career. It's not like you would turn up to your accounting job and work for free. That would be insane.

On another note too, I share my profits with the model/s that are in the photograph, so everyone wins! I'm not being greedy and I still do a lot of free shoots, but at the end of the day, you need money to survive, so don't put this innocent facade on claiming you give away free images to put a smile on your face. You are fake. You are the reason career-minded photographers like myself loose.


Wait a minute. Why am I getting so upset? Who are you anyway?


To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions.

Dear Kaki King,

There is a ticket for the Corner Hotel show with my name on it. I can't wait to see you!!!

Love Me.

On a serious note

Dear Photographer & Model,

I am highly annoyed but your recent photo shoot together. Quite disappointed that the two of you think that this is some kind of "message" you are getting across. I realise you are basing it on a movie but the way I see it is that you are not setting a good example or being good role models for the younger generation. It concerns me that a young fan of yours will think the actions in your photos is right & might in some way, shape or form, expose themselves to this behaviour and thus leading to an addiction, or worse, death.

Please remove your images as I think audiences will agree there is no room in this world for exposing "that" lifestyle.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



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